Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic TMMCZ adds second TNGA car model

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic TMMCZ adds second TNGA car model

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic (TMMCZ) will add the second TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) model to its portfolio, this time on the new GA-B platform

A new segment A model will be produced at TMMCZ. Toyota Motor Europe today confirmed that it will continue to produce a new segment A model at its Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic (TMMCZ) plant in Kolin.

The Kolín plant has already joined the TNGA project by preparing the production of the new Toyota Yaris. The new model in the A segment will use the GA-B chassis platform and will thus become the second TNGA model produced in our country.

The new A-segment model is a European car in all respects - from development to production. This is in line with the company's efforts to expand production in Europe and also with the recent announcement that Toyota plans to increase its sales in Europe to 1.5 million vehicles by 2025.

"We are convinced that this model will significantly contribute to Toyota's growth in the European market - this is fully in line with our involvement in the region. At the same time, it will be an affordable car that will bring segment A customers to our brand. It will be manufactured on the same platform as Yaris and Yaris Cross, which will bring us economies of scale - this aspect is crucial for the production of small cars. ”

Marvin Cooke, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Europe

The name of the new A-segment car, the launch and the expected volume of its production will be announced in the future.

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