Online EU Industrial & Automotive Manufacturing | Networking | Free Event

Online EU Industrial & Automotive Manufacturing | Networking  | Free Event

02. Sept 2022, Friday, 14:00 CET
EU Industrial & Auto Manufacturing | Supply challenges, Logistics, Inflation &  Recession Risks

Event Type: Zoom Video Networking & Roundtables / Repeating Breakout Rooms /  Private Video Rooms / Business development / Purchasing 1-2-1

Topics: Markets, Supply challenges, Logistics, Inflation, Energy & Materials Shortages

Free to Register | 2-Hour Online Networking Event

Automotive Manufacturing NETWORKING: EU Supply Chain, Automation, eVehicles | LinkedIn
FREE Attendance NETWORKING EVENT | VIDEO Zoom, 120 Mins Online.1) INTRODUCTIONS (30 min) - Each participant introduces themselves/company in 60 seconds2) BREAKOUT ROOMS (45 min: 7 x 6 minutes Breakouts for personal, new contacts, and talks)3) TWO SHORT PRESENTATIONS (2 x 7 min) 1) INTRODUCTIONS…


Event Programme:

Connect with new contacts: Join industry manufacturing colleagues from leading European Automotive manufacturers and components suppliers for Online Networking & Introductions event
Attendees: Speak to senior engineering and manufacturing managers from German, French, UK, Italian and Central European manufacturers. Meet in small video groups.
Attendance free: Simply register to get reminder via email or calendar
  1. VIDEO INTRODUCTIONS | 14:00 CET | 30 min
    -  All participants are encouraged to introduce themselves or their company
    - Each participant speaks live, introduces him/herself in 1-min
  2. SPEED VIDEO NETWORKING in BREAKOUT ROOMS | 14:30 | 6 x  5 min | 30 min
    Breakouts for new contacts and conversations
    - Six short Video Breakouts, each lasting 5 minutes with 5 people
    - Gives you a chance to Video-meet 30 people
    -  Networking in randomly-repeating Breakout Rooms
    - Participants can choose rooms freely
    - Rooms Named-By-Topics to encourage debate (Purchasing, Production, Electronics, Automation, Careers...)
  3. SPEAKERS' ROUNDTABLE | 15:00 | 15 min
    - Supply Chain & Production challenges: Invited Production & Supplier Managers from Hyundai, Varroc & Bosch. Regional Purchasing Managers
    - OEMs and Tier1 Plans and Volumes: Skoda Auto, Yanfeng & Continental - eBatteries and Advanced Engineering: eVolte Systems Co., Senzor GmbH Research Managers
  4. SPEED VIDEO NETWORKING in BREAKOUT ROOMS | 15:15 | 6 x  5 min | 30 min
    - They run continuously in parallel with 30 min Speed Networking sessions
    - Private Video Rooms allow for longer conversations, if you and your contact want a more private discussion without other new introductions


- Contact Details Exchange: Willing participants can choose to exchange details with other participants of their own choosing
- Video Recording: Speakers who delivered Presentations can choose to be Video-Recorded (for your company's marketing) or not to be recorded
- Event Chat: will remain on LinkedIn, you are welcome to use it


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Or email us with your questions@: inbox(at)


9. Sept, Friday 14:00 CET - Industrial Manufacturing Networking

You are welcome to join us for next Friday's Networking Event

Topics: To be confirmed...

Companies previously attending:

Speakers previously attending:

Andreto Laureoti Tada Zhuei Blaise Shrimly
Darmstand Engineer Random Scientist Head of Heads
NewSanta UCTL Vangua Tondin Auto

Previous Industrial Automation Debates included:

Rosen Nuneaton Tada Zhuei Blaise Shrimly
Senior Engineer Random Scientist Head of Heads
NewUCTBH UCTL Vangua Tondin Auto

Networking & Themes
- Production and suppy chain Challenges, 10-min Presentations
- OEMs and Supplier plans and volumes
- Electric Cars and 1.7 trillion EUR Brussels Green Fund
- Networking: Last 30 minutes, Socialising in Breakout Rooms

Suppliers Speakers

zhu-1 juaona-1 Crinley-1 Filomena1-2
Alessandro Petriccini Tada Zhuei June Nuneaton Robbert Shrimly
Darmstand Engineer Random Scientist Super Access Mananager Deputy CEO
NewSanta UCTL Larmapeuticals Langdey Systems Vansar Automotive


Volkswagen, Senior Purchaser | Faurecia, SQE Dept Leader | ABB Robotics, General Manager CZ | Adient Technology, Chief Engineer

Below - Rollouts of our Speakers

mirko mrkic
mandarin mantric
andrew rownsley
scott sandrini



Eventto on nightlo

Free Sign up - July 1st Event

Online Networking Opportunities:  

Previous Events

Automotive Supply chain Forum, Warsaw, May 2019

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