Three special tires made in Rácalmás, Hungary

Three special tires made in Rácalmás, Hungary

The Hankook factory in Hungary also manufactures reinforced sidewalls, puncture-proof and sound-absorbing tires.

The Sealant division produces Hankook's special tires, the sound absorber, and the tire-breaker Sealguard technology. Hankook engineers use the company's own sound absorber, a quiet tire technology, on many models. A special noise-absorbing polyurethane foam insert is bypassed inside the tire and secured with a thin layer of Hankook Sealguard material.

Chewing gum base material The Hankook Sealguard technology is based on the fact that the inner part of the tire is coated with a special viscoelastic material throughout the tread, which immediately and completely seals the tread defects. The sticky coating seals the gap. Even after removing the foreign object, it may be up to 5 millimeters in diameter. The base of the special material is similar to that used in the production of chewing gum.

Reinforced sidewall In addition, Hankook's products include Hankook Runflat System (HRS) technology, Hankook tire-tolerant tires that can be used even in the event of loss of air. These can be driven for a total distance of 80 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour from the moment of pressure loss, which is what the regulation says for Runflat tires. This way, you can retain your mobility even when the sidewall is damaged. After that, the damaged tire must be replaced again.

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