Stellantis and Foxconn, an Apple iPhone contract-maker, strike a JV

Stellantis and Foxconn, an Apple iPhone contract-maker, strike a JV


and Apple iPhone contract assembler Foxconn have reached an agreement to form a joint venture, and an auto industry supplier, that will focus on developing technologies for connected cars.

Stellantis and Foxconn strike JV agreement in connected cars | Automotive  Industry News | just-auto

They say the company, called Mobile Drive, will accelerate time-to-market for the industry's most advanced connected car and car technologies. In addition, the joint venture will competitively bid for global vehicle program agreements with Stellantis and other auto companies.

Mobile Drive will combine Stellantis' global vehicle design and development capabilities with Foxconn's expertise in the rapidly changing software and hardware areas of smartphones and consumer electronics. The two companies said they were at the limit of infotainment functions in the cabin, which are seamlessly connected inside and outside the vehicles in which they are installed.

"Today something is as important as a beautiful design or innovative technology. This is how the functions of our vehicles improve the lives of our customers," said Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis. "Software is a strategic move for our industry and Stellantis intends to take the lead with Mobile Drive, a company that enables the rapid development of connectivity features and services that mark the next great evolution in our industry, as well as the electrification technology ".

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"The vehicles of the future will be increasingly controlled and defined by software. In the future, customers will demand and expect more and more creative and software-controlled solutions to connect drivers and passengers in and out of the vehicle. Mobile Drive will meet. "and exceed those expectations with teams of software and hardware designers and engineers," said Foxconn president Young Liu. " This is a natural extension of Foxconn's global leadership in developing and applying smart technologies to improve the quality of life for consumers around the world. "

All Mobile Drive developments will be jointly owned by Stellantis and Foxconn. The Netherlands-based joint venture will operate as an automotive supplier and will be competitive in providing related hardware and software solutions for Stellantis and other interested automakers.

"Mobile Drive leverages Foxconn's extensive knowledge of user experience and software development in mobile ecosystems and offers the disruptive smart cabin solution that seamlessly integrates the car into the driver's mobile lifestyle," said Calvin Chih. , CEO of FIH (a division of Foxconn). .

"With this partnership, we will push the limits of connected car technology and deliver amazing experiences beyond imagination," said Yves Bonnefont, software director at Stellantis. "Ultimately, Mobile Drive gives us the flexibility we need to deliver the digital experience of the future at the speed our customers demand."

Mobile Drive will focus on the development of cloud, telematics and information and entertainment service platforms. Software innovations include AI-powered applications, 5G communication, enhanced wireless services, e-commerce options, and smart cabin integrations.