Slovenia's Hidria to supply parts for BMW hybrid electric vehicles

Slovenia's Hidria to supply parts for BMW hybrid electric vehicles

Hidria will supply innovative aluminium housings for steering systems to BMW; as of 2023 this German giant will use these housings in all its new hybrid and electric vehicles. This confirms our Corporation’s leading role as an innovative pre-development supplier of key parts of steering systems in premium vehicles and strengthens its position among the main global co-creators of electromobility.

For BMW’s new hybrid and electric vehicles, Hidria developed and will produce innovative parts of the vertical aluminium steering system that has a special feature: it allows the automatic electric adjustment of the steering wheel depending on the size of the driver. Green vehicles of the future equipped with such systems will come to European and world-wide roads in three years.

For them, BMW will use a special improved platform called CLAR (CLuster ARchitecture). It is made of exceptionally strong steel, aluminium and carbon fibres, is lighter than its predecessors and helps BMW to additionally improve the efficiency of its hybrid and electric vehicles.

Hidria won this strategically significant contract which is valid until 2030 in a sharp global competition. This contract, together with new contracts for key parts of electric drive motors signed at the end of last year, assures Hidria a successful development and additional strengthening in global markets.

This global Slovenian Corporation proves to be one of the most innovative and thus most competitive companies in the world. It additionally strengthens this status by continuous investments into innovative development and new high-tech production facilities.