Rheinmetall Automotive in Czech Republic - firm produces components for auto industry at 40 locations globally

Rheinmetall Automotive in Czech Republic - firm produces components for auto industry at 40 locations globally

The Kolbenschmidt and Pierburg brands give Rheinmetall Automotive more than 100 years of experience in the automotive sector, while the Motorservice brand is a strong name for automotive spare parts.

The listed Rüssinmetall AG, based in Düsseldorf, is an integrated technology group that stands for a substantial, internationally successful company in the markets for environmentally friendly mobility and threat-based security technology. With innovative system solutions for the entire drive train and extensive know-how in the field of lightweight construction, Rheinmetall Automotive is a leading global automotive supplier in its sector. As a leading European systems house for army technology, Rheinmetall has been a partner of the armed forces for many years.

Within Rheinmetall Automotive, Pierburg s.r.o. is the specialist for exhaust gas purification, air supply, throttle valves and solenoid valves. Decades of experience combined with comprehensive, innovative and globally recognized skills in all aspects of the engine are factors that have driven Pierburg to its mission to repeatedly develop and manufacture future-oriented components, modules and systems. Factors such as reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions and improved performance, comfort and safety are of increasing importance for the development of new generations of engines.

KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic, a.s. is the largest European manufacturer of pistons within the Rheinmetall Automotive Division for gasoline and diesel engines and compressors. After the independence and denationalization of Czechoslovakia after the revolution in 1992, the company became part of the Rheinmetall Group, which - with a focus on the automotive industry - is an important global supplier

KS CZ Motorservice s.r.o. Specialized in the manufacture of small scale pistons for the aftermarket. The company is part of Rheinmetall Automotive AG, a major global automotive supplier.

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