Renault Revoz, Slovenia - launches production of new Clio 5

Renault Revoz, Slovenia - launches production of new Clio 5

Slovenian car maker Revoz, a unit of France's Renault, launched on Wednesday production of the new Clio 5 model following a 90 million euro ($102 million) investment, the government in Ljubljana said.

Prime minister Marjan Sarec is visiting the Novo Mesto-based factory to participate in the official launch of the new production line, the government said in a brief statement.

The government has contributed 6 million euro of incentives towards the project, news daily Dnevnik reported.

The report also quoted Revoz CEO Kaan Ozkan as saying that the predecessors of Clio 5 have been among the best selling models in Slovenia since 1995. Revoz has so far produced almost two million Renault cars.

Revoz is able to roll out up to 80,000 Clio 5 cars annually and up to 600 daily. Next year, it will also start manufacturing small numbers of the hybrid Clio 5.

The current production of Clio 4 will be suspended at the end of July.

Ozkan also said that the company will employ 270 new workers to facilitate the new production.