Online Automotive Manufacturing Networking & Debate | 8. July 2022 | Free Event

Online Automotive Manufacturing Networking & Debate | 8. July 2022 | Free Event

8. July 2022, Friday, 14:00 CET
EU Auto Manufacturing Challenges | Inflation & Logistics Crisis | Recession Risks

Topics: Markets / Supply Disruptions / Energy & Materials Shortages
Programme: Introductions / Breakout rooms / Presentations

Free-to-Attend | 2-hours Zoom Online | AUTOMOTIVE NETWORKING

Automotive Manufacturing NETWORKING: EU Supply Chain, Automation, eVehicles | LinkedIn
FREE Attendance NETWORKING EVENT | VIDEO Zoom, 120 Mins Online.1) INTRODUCTIONS (30 min) - Each participant introduces themselves/company in 60 seconds2) BREAKOUT ROOMS (45 min: 7 x 6 minutes Breakouts for personal, new contacts, and talks)3) TWO SHORT PRESENTATIONS (2 x 7 min) 1) INTRODUCTIONS…

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Join your industry colleagues from leading Continental European Automotive manufacturers and Tier1 & 2 components suppliers for a Friday Online Networking event. Senior engineering and manufacturing managers from German, French, Italian and Central European manufacturers join us once monthly for networking, private breakout rooms, and short presentations

  1. INTRODUCTIONS (30 min)
    - Each participant introduces themselves/company in 60 seconds
    - All participants are encouraged to take 60 seconds to introduce themselves / their companies
  2. BREAKOUT ROOMS (45 min: 7 x 6 minutes): Breakouts for personal, new contacts and conversations)
    - Seven segments of short breakouts, each lasting six minutes
    - Gives you a chance to Video-meet 42 people (six people in seven repeats)
    - Socialising Networking in randomly-repeating Breakout Rooms
    - On average 6 participants-per-room. Participants can freely jump rooms
    - Rooms are Named-By-Topic, to encourage debate (Purchasing, Tier1&2, EVs, Electronic, etc)
    - Dedicated Job Opportunities Room with OEM Recruiters
  3. SHORT PRESENTATIONS (2 x 7 min)
    - Supply Chain & Production challenges: Invited Production & Supplier Managers from Hyundai, Varroc & Bosch. Debate with Regional Purchasing Managers / 7 mins
    - OEMs and Tier1 Plans and Volumes: Skoda Auto, Yanfeng & Continental - Discussion with Senior Managers
    - eBatteries and Advanced Engineering: eVolte Systems Co., Senzor GmbH Research Managers

Regular participants include:

- We encourage Members to exchange LinkedIn Details in Private

Networking & Themes
- Production and Suppychain Challenges, 10-min Presentations
- OEMs and Supplier plans and volumes
- Electric Cars and 1.7 trillion EUR Brussels Green Fund
- Networking: Last 30 minutes, Socialising in Breakout Rooms

Free Event Registration: Click LINK and JOIN button:

Free to Attend | 120-Minute Online Event

Andreto Laureoti Tada Zhuei Blaise Shrimly
Darmstand Engineer Random Scientist Head of Heads
NewSanta UCTL Vangua Tondin Auto


Digital Manufacturing Speakers

Rosen Nuneaton Tada Zhuei Blaise Shrimly
Senior Engineer Random Scientist Head of Heads
NewUCTBH UCTL Vangua Tondin Auto


The Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) has chosen Liferay as the central component of the Digital Manufacturing Accelerator (DMA) Factory of the Future digital infrastructure.

The initiative enables manufacturers to experience the benefits of Industry 4.0, IoT, smart manufacturing, robotics and automation in a risk-free environment with accurate financial and operational projections related to certain applications Manufacturing.

As part of the project, MTC is building a state-of-the-art reconfigurable factory in central Liverpool to house the technologies that will provide manufacturers with modular "plug and play" physical and digital solutions that will accelerate technology development. capabilities and demonstrate the operation of flexible manufacturing systems.

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