Mann + Hummel was recognized by General Motors as a supplier of 2018

Mann + Hummel was recognized by General Motors as a supplier of 2018

Mann + Hummel was named General Motors supplier of the year at the 27th Annual "Supplier of the Year" Ceremony in Detroit. The award went to Mann + Hummel for the 40th time.

More than half of the 2017 vendors won the award. The winners of the Year Supplier were selected by GM's global purchasing, engineering, quality, production and logistics team. They were selected on the basis of performance criteria in the area of ​​product purchase, global purchasing and production services, customer care and after-sales services and logistics.

GM has selected 133 of its top vendors from 15 countries, outperforming GM's expectations, creating excellence or introducing innovation into the

“General Motors is a significant long-term customer for Mann + Hummel. We believe in the direction we are heading and we remain committed to business priorities, ” Kurk Wilks said . "It is an honor to be recognized by the supplier of the year, and we want to honor the commitment that each of us in Mann + Hummel has made in this long-term partnership." company.  @MANNHUMMEL @MANNHUMMELGroup @kwilks22 @GM

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