Iveco, employer of 3,900 people, re-opens from Monday, May 4, despite COVID

Iveco, employer of 3,900 people, re-opens from Monday, May 4, despite COVID

Company employs approximately 3,900 people and creates another almost 2,000 jobs at domestic suppliers.

Due to the protection of employees during the pandemic of the new coronavirus and the subsequent suspension of supplies of parts from foreign suppliers, Iveco Czech Republic could not produce for more than a month. Many components, including seats, are manufactured by themselves in Mýto, but they are imported by engines, gearboxes or axles.

Currently, the situation with suppliers is stabilizing and production can start again from Monday, May 4. In order to mitigate the economic impact, the plant will also produce on Friday, May 8, when it is a public holiday. The good news will certainly be welcomed by employees, customers and the state. Iveco Czech Republic is one of the most important companies in the Czech Republic.

The good news is also that the manufacturer has not yet registered any cases of coronavirus infection. For the safety of his employees, he sanitized all premises. However, all workers will have to follow a number of measures. Already at the entrance to the premises of the plant, there will be a control measurement of body temperature, of course there is a veil and other protective equipment that every employee will receive and will have to use.

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