Italvolt commissions AECOM to manufacture batteries

Italvolt commissions AECOM to manufacture batteries

Italvolt has partnered with AECOM for a range of professional services aimed at optimizing operations throughout the project lifecycle for its battery gigafactory in Italy.

With a production capacity of 45 GWh and a total investment of around 3.4 billion euros, the Gigafactory will be one of the largest in Europe. AECOM will help streamline the production process at Italvolt's Gigafactory to ensure on-site production of lithium-ion cells is as efficient and robust as possible, minimizing waste during production.

Italvolt is building the Gigafactory on the former Olivetti site together with a 20,000 m2 research and development center.

The deal follows deals with ABB for electrification and automation, Equans for clean and dry rooms and process equipment, TÜV SÜD for manufacturing process control and certification, and American Manganese for lithium-ion battery recycling.

“We are delighted to be working with one of the world's leading infrastructure consulting firms. AECOM is the latest industry-leading technical service provider to join our project, underscoring its huge potential for the global battery industry,” said Lars Carlstrom, CEO and Founder of Italvolt.

“AECOM's extensive experience in supporting large industrial projects worldwide will enhance the comprehensive capabilities of our team and ensure we deliver a state-of-the-art facility. Our partnership reflects our shared commitment to sustainability and creating a true circular economy for battery production and recycling in Europe,” he said.

“Significantly, our project will also place great emphasis on bringing tangible renewal to the Piedmont region. We expect to employ up to 3,000 people directly and provide experienced and new workers with reskilling, upskilling and reskilling opportunities in a modern and fast-growing industry.”

“We are delighted to be working with Italvolt to advance its ambitious Gigafactory, which will play a key role in expanding EV battery production in Europe. Our team brings global experience in delivering world-class industrial assets and is led by our local team in the region,” said Marc Barone, Chief Growth Officer of AECOM.

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