Hyundai is introducing a new R&D structure to accelerate responses to changing market demands

Hyundai is introducing a new R&D structure to accelerate responses to changing market demands
  • Systems and platform-based organization will streamline the vehicle development process
  • The new automotive platform development center will take into account the needs of individual markets from the development stage of the first concept
  • The new Virtual Vehicle Development Division will use an efficient virtual design process

Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) has begun to make a number of fundamental changes in R&D and development processes. They aim to speed up responses to changes in technology developments for future mobility. The new approach puts even more emphasis on customer requirements and also streamlines decision-making and development processes. This will increase overall efficiency while also optimizing costs.

The HMG R&D R&D departments in Korea will be reorganized based on systems and platforms. Their new operational processes will contribute to the further transformation of HMG. This positive move will allow the gradual changes to be made to HMG's efforts to gain technical know-how, increase efficiency and exceed customer expectations in global markets.

The platform-based structure envisages planning vehicle concepts that will take into account a number of factors from the first stage of development, including improved operational features, part sharing, standardization and even supply, production and suppliers. Under this new organization, based on systems and platforms, chassis, bodywork, electronic systems and drivetrain engineering departments will have the power to integrate different design activities within their development, as well as computer-aided design and testing...

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